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Voip Solutions

VoIP (Voice Over IP) has opened up a whole new realm of communications. With the ability to now send voice communication over data networks, a host of new opportunities for communications has developed. VoIP encompasses a host of technologies and solutions. DMS can help you understand where VoIP solutions will save your organization money and meet your business requirements.

By utilizing our deep understanding of Data Networking and LAN based applications combined with our experience with legacy voice solutions, we are well positioned to help you move into the latest, best-in-breed technology. In addition to helping you design a solution, we offer both hosted and premise based IP-PBX solutions.

What can VoIP do for your Organization?

If you have multiple locations with a lot of voice traffic between your offices, you can avoid toll charges by sending your voice traffic over your data network.

In a call center scenario, you can intelligently route voice traffic over your data network to any where in the world without incurring toll charges.

You no longer need to a have PBX's (phone systems) in all of your offices; you can implement either a premise based or Hosted VoIP solution and provide PBX functionality to all your employees regardless of where they are located. Telecommuters will be able to seem as if they are in the office to other employees and customers. The ability to make changes to your location and status (presence management) can now be done by the user through a web site. You are no longer dependent on the Telecom Dept. or outside vendor to effect adds, moves and changes.

Because VoIP is a Software solution, you now have the ability to integrate business applications into your voice system (convergence). Play your e-mails through your phone or click and listen to voicemails through your outlook inbox. Time and billing applications can now be tracked through your PBX. This is only the tip of the iceberg.



DMS fully understands the importance of communications availability to our business. They managed the entire process of changing vendors and implementing new services while protecting us from any downtime. DMS is always available if we need them...

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