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DMS will help your business to control your telecom voice, data and wireless costs more effectively

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DMS Telecom Managed Service offering:

Most small and medium companies today have data and voice services from multiple vendors. Often they have redundant or unused services that are being paid for each month. It is not unusual for carriers to bill incorrectly or to include services from third party providers that you did not get a contract for. Reviewing bills, verifying rates against contracts and constantly comparing rates to your contract can be a daunting time-consuming task. Most small and medium companies do not employ personnel with the experience or time to perform this task. Consequently, it is not unusual for companies to continually pay more than they should.

We understand that the cost of hiring an additional person to perform this task will out weigh the savings, so it is less expensive to just pay the bill. This is why we developed the DMS Telecom Specialist Managed Service offering. We design a program that fits your needs and budget and is designed to save your organization time, money and ensure you are receiving the best telecom service and rates possible to meet your needs. We work with multiple vendors to make sure we can recommend and manage the best service offering for your needs and location.

Service features and Benefits:

Monthly Bill Analysis: We review your bill each month or quarterly for accuracy. If errors are found, we will work with the particular provider to challenge any services that were not contracted for and request credits where applicable. We sign off on the corrected amount and forward to your Payables Dept.

Service Analysis: As new services that may be beneficial to your organization become available, we will keep you informed. We will also request lower rates as they become available.

Provisioning: We prepare all of the order documentation and review the contract for rate accuracy. We project-manage the process from order submittal to turn-up.

Service Coordination: Work with your internal employees and all outside vendors to project-manage all aspects of the service change and or turn-up.

On-going Customer Support: Open and follow-up on trouble tickets and billing tickets.



DMS fully understands the importance of communications availability to our business. They managed the entire process of changing vendors and implementing new services while protecting us from any downtime. DMS is always available if we need them...

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