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Optimizing Your Business Communications

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DMS will help your business to control your telecom voice, data and wireless costs more effectively

We wil provide you with an initial no cost audit of your entire telecom/wireless landscape to identify all areas of costs and potential saving. Learn More

Managed Services

Carrier Bill Assessment: Review your bill to determine actual rates you are paying and compare rates to contractual terms. Summarize and explain the services you have contracted and list all of the different billing numbers and locations. This is usually a complimentary service we provide. Depending on the complexity of your bills and whether you have a person assigned to managing your telecom service we might recommend you consider our Telecom Managed Service Offering.

Telecom Management Service

DMS View: A 24/7 monitoring service to mange and support your router and firewall as well as the ability to monitor manage and support your LAN based server's. More Information



DMS fully understands the importance of communications availability to our business. They managed the entire process of changing vendors and implementing new services while protecting us from any downtime. DMS is always available if we need them...

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