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IP Telephony

IP Telephony vs. VoIP — what’s the Difference? What’s it mean to you?

Although it is helpful to distinguish between the terms “IP Telephony” and “VoIP”, they are often used interchangeably. Read More

IP Phone System — What Is It?

Let’s start by describing the new type of phone system that businesses are now using to replace traditional phone systems in their offices. An “IP Phone System” (sometimes called an IP PBX) uses the technology of “IP (Internet Protocol)” to carry the voice conversations in your office. This does not necessarily mean it uses the public Internet. An IP Phone System uses IP technology within the private data network of a business in a single location or across a private network. Read More

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) - How Does This Enter the Picture?

Although “VoIP” is often used to refer to IP Telephony as described below, it also refers to using the public Internet to carry voice traffic. When the public Internet is used, you (the user) don’t have the same control over the Quality of Service as you do over your own network. Read More

IP Telephony - Why Would You Want It?

Your IP Telephone System provides the following advantages:

  • Seamless extension dialing between all your locations on your private network, or even over the public Internet, is relatively easy and much less costly than traditional means. All your offices can be “tied together” to act as one large office no matter where in the world they are located. This also provides the advantage of eliminating long distance charges between your locations. Read More


DMS fully understands the importance of communications availability to our business. They managed the entire process of changing vendors and implementing new services while protecting us from any downtime. DMS is always available if we need them...

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