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VoIP Readiness Assessment

  • Identifies problems spots in the network prior to deployment. A VoIP Readiness Assessment tells whether or not a network can adequately support VoIP's unique network requirements.
  • Prevents unnecessary network upgrades - While network upgrades will be required in many situations, it's important to ensure that the appropriate upgrades are made. A VoIP Readiness Assessment ensures that upgrades are made only where necessary .
  • Makes pilot deployments more effective. In many cases, pilot deployments fail because the network is not ready for VoIP. By finding and fixing network problems prior to the purchase and deployment of any VoIP equipment, we are able to remove the network as a contributing factor.
  • VoIP Readiness Assessments measure overall call quality by measuring estimated mean traffic on your LAN/WAN. This objective measurement provides a straightforward rating of user perception without requiring any kind of interaction on the part of your end users.

By running this report on your network and taking the appropriate actions to remedy and problems or issues that were found, you can certify your network for VoIP readiness for both Hosted and Premise based VoIP PBX solutions. You will have eliminated your network as the source of any problems saving you time, support issues and money.



DMS fully understands the importance of communications availability to our business. They managed the entire process of changing vendors and implementing new services while protecting us from any downtime. DMS is always available if we need them...

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