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Optimizing Your Business Communications

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DMS will help your business to control your telecom voice, data and wireless costs more effectively

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Why Use DMS?

Enhanced Service Benefits

Established in 2006, DMS is a one stop solution to Manage and optimize your Voice and Data Service providers. Data Management Services goal is to allow you to get the most optimal efficiency from your current or new providers, manage the services and products they are supplying, make sure you are being billed properly. As your consulting partner, we work to truly understand your business requirements so we can help you optimize your business. We take the time to fully assess your current services and bills so we understand the current environment. If we notice incorrect billing we can then offer a full Audit to recover overpayments you may have been making. We will help you meet your business goals whether it is to be more profitable by saving on Data/Voice costs or to implement technology to help you grow your business. We also work to provide an enhanced level of support from what the Carriers and Service providers offer. Whether you are considering VOIP, Cloud Services, Data Center, SD-WAN or other network enhancements, DMS has the extensive experience to develop a plan to solve your most complex business problems. We take an agnostic view to service providers and work with you to select the best service provider for your needs. We represent the most innovative solutions for Unified Communications and VoIP Systems that can save you money and at the same time greatly enhance your team and organizations productivity. We can eliminate costly legacy provisioning and use your internet capacity to the fullest. Call us today for a no-cost evaluation and assessment of your current environment. Even if you choose not to work with us we will provide a valuable tool to help you manage your current providers.

Additional Financial Benefits

  • Our back office resources engage quarterly with your company to review bills and ensure billing accuracy
  • We evaluate the services being provided to ensure the best possible match while keeping an eye on the cost

Incremental Technology Benefits

  • As a leading technology partner, DMS continues to evaluate and critique new data and voice services
  • We use our knowledge to help provide you with a competitive advantage while striving to maintain and augment as much of your existing technology as possible


DMS fully understands the importance of communications availability to our business. They managed the entire process of changing vendors and implementing new services while protecting us from any downtime. DMS is always available if we need them...

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